Frequently Asked Questions
How many minimum # of meals should i order and when will i receive it?

You need to place a minimum of 6 meals. Once you place your order, you will start receiving your order from the consecutive week. To ensure maximum freshness, we deliver twice a week. Half of your meals will be delivered on Wednesday and remaining half on Sunday. We will connect with you over call or message to confirm the timings of the delivery.

Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to all areas within Miyamae-ku, Minato-ku, Setagaya-ku, Meguro-ku, Shibuya-ku and any station on Den-entoshi line

Is there a particular way to store the boxes?

The boxes will be delivered along with icepacks in a cool bag to ensure we maintain the right temperature. Once package is received, store your mybentou boxes in the refrigerator immediately. As per your needs, take it out from refrigerator and warm it to serve

Is there any particular date by which the meals are to be consumed

Each meal has an expiry date on top label. Please consume that meal by the mentioned date. We recommend to check all the boxes and use the meals in the order of their expiry date.

Are all products from Mybentou free from preservatives and Artificial Flavours?

Yes, we do not add any preservatives or artificial flavours, flavour enhancers to any of our products. These are freshly made on order from natural ingredients and organic vegetables as much as possible

How does the payment work?

Currently we only provide Cash on Delivery option. So once we deliver the package, we will collect the payment and provide you with an invoice. You can choose to receive digital invoice by letting us know during delivery. This will help us save paper and save trees :)

Can I cancel the order?

You can cancel the order only before Monday of every week since we consolidate orders and prepare accordingly. For any order cancellations before Monday, there will be no additional charge.

What is delivery charge?

We have 2 options for delivery charge:

Below are the delivery options and charges:
1. Free delivery: For pick up from any station between Komazawa Daigaku and Aoyama Itchome on Den-Entoshi line
2. Pick up charge: 599 JPY per delivery

You are free to decide delivery options based on your schedule after the order is placed by choosing “Decide delivery options based on real time schedule

What is an adult size meal and a kid size meal?

The sizes of the meals are based on the average health professional recommended portion sizes. The adult meal box would be of 25 cm * 20 cms while the child meal will be of 17 cm * 15 cm. Each child meal will be around 500 Calories while adult meal will be around 800-1000 calories.
Price for each meal might differ slightly based on superfoods and ingredients

When will the orders be delivered? What is the average order cycle?

Any orders placed before or on Tuesday will be delivered on the Wednesday and Sunday of the same week. Any orders placed between Tuesday and Sunday will be delivered on the Wednesday of the next week

What is a subscription model?

With this model, we want our regular customers to enjoy more benefits like reduced price, seasonal offers and special promotions. If you subscribe, you will get :

1. 10% off on your next order
2. 5% off on all orders after that
3. Subscription will be automatically cancelled if there is no order placed for more than 10 days
To make it simpler if someone wants to cancel the subscription, we have introduced auto-cancel if there is no order within 10 days of previous order. So you do not need to follow any additional steps for cancellation
Please note that subscribers will be notified of special promotions every month on emails.

What are the different packaging options?

Below are the available packaging options and charges:

1. Regular package: 0 JPY
2. Bring your own box: 0 JPY (Please note that you would need to drop off clean boxes at a nearest station for this)
3. Eco-friendly package: additional 499 JPY per order

How does “Bring your Own Box” work?

This is the most environment friendly packaging option.
For those who choose this option, you will be contacted by our team for further instructions.

Below are the steps for this packaging option:
1. For the first order, drop off the total number of clean boxes based on your order in any 1 of the Den-entoshi stations between Komazawa Daigaku and Aoyama Itchome
2. We will be picking up the previous clean boxes every time we deliver the next batch of orders
3. We will be labeling and storing these boxes for free until the next order
Please email us at mybentou@gmail.com if you have further questions on this option and we will call you

Where do we prepare our meals?

All the meals are prepared and packaged in a commercial kitchen based in Komazawa Daigaku. The kitchen has all the necessary health sanitation licenses. The kitchen maintains 100% hygiene and top class equipments to ensure delicious and healthy meal preparation

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: 080-4067-8591
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