Yumm Vegetable Dumplings/Momos

Healthy Steamed dumplings loaded with yummy fresh veggies & herbs


We love giving healthy twists to the regular menu items. And one such amazing dish which everybody loves is a dumpling. Our dumplings are filled with goodness of the fresh vegetables.

We use a lot of fresh greens like baby spinach, cabbage, spring onions and colorful vegetables like carrots, corns etc. The crunchiness of these vegetables with the dash of fresh herbs and spices make these dumplings little festival of flavors in the mouth

Try these dumplings steaming hot for your lunch/dinner and we promise it will become your new favorite
1. Flour
2. Olive oil
3. Carrots
4. Cabbage
5. Corn
6. Spinach
7. Green Onions
8. Salt
9. Herbs


No allergen

Available For

Kids size (5 pcs)

639 JPY

Adult size (4 pcs + fried rice)

1199 JPY


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