Crispy Delicious Korean Vegetable Pancakes

Healthy, Crispy, Yumm Vegetable Pancakes With Tomato Salsa


As the name suggests, this is definitely the favorite meal for any picky eater as well as the parents for themselves :P We create a healthy yet yummy version of korean pancakes by filling it with fresh veggies like cabbage, carrots, spinach and corn. The crispy korean pancakes get gobbled up by the little ones in a moment.
Served with the tangy tomato salsa, it makes for a perfect yummy meal option.
1. Flour
2. Cabbage
3. Carrots
4. Spinach
5. Salt
6. Paprika
7. Dried herbs
8. Canola Oil
9. Tomato
10. Cilantro
11. Lime Juice
12. Onion

Available For

Kid's size (4 pcs)

639 JPY

Adult's size (8 pcs)

1099 JPY


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